Dr. David Parker

Dr. David Parker is the principle presenter for the Center for Creating Community, he presents workshops and key notes to businesses, community groups, educational settings and law enforcement focusing on examining the affects of implicit bias on perception, behavior and policy.

David has worked with schools, businesses and community organizations throughout the United States, Canada and Portugal. His professional background is dynamic and diverse and includes Social Work, Education and the Performing Arts.

David remarks, “My social work perspective is at the foundation of his work in each of these areas throughout my career.”

He has dedicated his career to creating and sustaining an authentically inclusive environment, which is vital so that everyone feels connected. Creating this environment means that the richness of ideas, backgrounds, and perspectives are respected and people are treated with an intentional sense of value. These actions put the concept of cultural competency into practice and policy.

David is the author of the BEST ME I Can BE! book series for children published by Scholastic, Inc. The 32-book BEST ME series written in the voice of the child is designed to empower children and encourage conversations about character development.